Charge of the Goddess

One of the aspects of Wicca that sets it apart from most other religions is beautifully illustrated in a single line of the oracle commonly known as “The Charge of the Goddess,” wherein the goddess states, “All acts of love and pleasure are mine.” When many other commonly accepted spiritual paths place so much emphasis on asceticism and sacrifice, it can be a challenge to fully embrace the sentiment of pleasure as a form of religious expression. The goddess does not demand sacrifice of her devotees; rather, she invites us to love. And while fasting and deprivation can certainly prelude a mystical experience, it is important to recognize that a spiritual revelation can just as equally be accompanied by sensuality. Think of love and pleasure not just in terms of gratification, but as divine gifts from the goddess who claims them as her own. Love is a powerful emotion and has been called “the calling card of the goddess.” It is often in the pursuit of love that devotees discover her and are motivated to call on her for aid. Whether it concerns one person making room in his or her life for another or a love-struck worshipper seeking divine intervention in securing another’s affection, the goddess has always been invoked by those seeking her assistance in promulgating amorous desires.