Whatever the spiritual path, if one follows it correctly, there
comes a time when one is more concerned for others than for
oneself. In this garden you include candles for each global
issue or problem that you care passionately about. Your
candles might, for example, represent the ozone layer, the
Amazon rain forest, hunger, terrorism, overpopulation, coral
reefs, land mines, an endangered species, AIDS, or whatever
you worry about. Such things require long-term solutions,
so you use large candles for this garden.
Alternately or additionally, your garden might contain a
candle for each place you care deeply about. This might be a
continent, a country, a mountain, a river, your neighborhood,
your ancestral homeland, or wherever your heart lies. The
garden might also contain candles for groups of people you
are concerned about, such as children, refugees, earthquake
victims, and so on. There might also be candles to represent
organizations whose international work you appreciate and
would like to see flourish. These might be Greenpeace,
UNICEF, PETA, the Red Cross or Red Crescent, Amnesty
International, Doctors Without Borders, or whatever groups
represent your interests.
Plan on giving this garden room to grow, because you are
likely to find yourself frequently adding candles to it after
you watch the news or read newspapers. When activating a
Garden of the Wider World, focus on sending positive
energy to each problem or group as you light its candle.
Dragon’s blood is an appropriate incense to burn when you
activate the candles.
It will be a time of great happiness whenever you discover
that one of this garden’s candles is no longer needed