Count your blessings, and notice that your cup is at least
half full. What are you thankful for? In this garden you
include a candle for each of your blessings. Each person’s
garden will be unique, but your blessings might include
things such as good health, your family, your friends, your
career, and the roof over your head. Items that relate to your
blessings, such as pictures of friends or family members, are
appropriate additions to this garden.
To whom will you be giving thanks? Images of a matron
goddess or patron god are also appropriate for this garden,
as are more general images such as those of the Lord and
the Lady. You might instead incorporate images of gods and
goddesses who have specific dominion over your blessings.
If you are
giving thanks to the Universe rather than to deities, images
of stars, planets, or constellations would be good charms for
your garden.
You can double the magick of your Garden of
Thanksgiving by focusing on maintaining your blessings, as
well as on giving thanks for them, when you activate your