Folklore & Spell Work

The majority of people who are new to spell working will acknowledge that for them common sense backed up by practical action is normally more productive than theoretical or mystical thinking.

In magical working, as in everyday life, when we have to handle a wide range of circumstances, common sense in dealing with them will normally produce the best results.

However, when we are confronted with the unusual or difficult or are faced with extreme anxiety, even the most practical-minded among us will theorize in order to make sense of what is happening.

We have not moved such a long way since those times, in the distant past, when our ancestors and people around the world routinely believed that if the crops failed then the gods must be angry.

Practices carried out then are still with us in the form of many of the festivals and feasts, which still have relevance in the societies where they began.

Some of you may choose not to use the spells in this section, but they do offer a return to basics and give fascinating insights into how our ancestors dealt with everyday challenges