Rite of Earth

Light incense. Pass over the working area. Place the representation of your magick key near your other supplies for this night. Smile. Close your eyes, and envision yourself surrounded by white light. Take thirteen slow, even breaths, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. When you feel relaxed, open your eyes, smile, and repeat today’s affirmation three times. Smile again. Begin by preparing tonight’s holy water. To one cup of spring water, add lemon verbena and rosemary sprigs (the number is up to you). Drop-in a few small nuggets of frankincense and myrrh. Add three drops each of lavender and chamomile essential oils. Stir with your finger or a copper rod. Connect with Spirit. Smile. Hold your hands over the water, and say: Molecules of liquid light Digitize to make things right. Moon above and earth below Center point, I make it so! Holy oils and sacred herbs Frankincense and blending myrrh Joy and peace will come to me As I will, so mote it be. 1hank you! Remember to close with a smile. Hold your hands over the salt. Take a deep breath, and exhale slowly. Smile, and say: 62 Gifts of earth, cleansed you’ll be Speak of treasure and divinity. Change my life in happy ways Guard my work both night and day. 1hank you! Smile. Sprinkle the salt generously over your new altar stone. Follow by sprinkling the surface with the holy water mixture. Hold your hands over the stone and repeat today’s affirmation three times, remembering to connect with Spirit, smile, and close with a thank you. Dot the four corners and the center of the stone with essential patchouli oil, repeating the affirmation once again. Brush off the altar stone. On the back of the paper that says treasures of the earth belong to me, draw your personal earth sigil. Place your key and the paper on the stone. Put the bowl of brown sugar on top of the paper. Dot the brown candle with honey (not too much). Place the candle sturdily in the bowl (if you think a plate will work better, that’s just fine). In HedgeWitchery, a brown candle signifies the gifts of the earth and miracles. The brown sugar and honey are used as an attraction correspondence. Sprinkle the earth you collected this morning on top of the brown sugar. Light the brown candle. Meditate for a few minutes on the meaning of earth and the willingness to open the way and accept the abundance of earth’s treasures. Remind yourself that everyone deserves to be rich, happy, and healthy, leading a life of pure joy. When you are ready, say: “This rite is finished. Thank you!” Smile. Allow the candle to burn completely, and dispose of it when it’s cold. Place the brown sugar, earth, and honey mix back in the jar. Add your earth’s treasure paper. If you have some of your signature herbs, add that too. Cap. Bury it on your property. Sprinkle holy water on your new altar to clear the stone of residual energy. If you have holy water left over, you can refrigerate it-it has a shelf1ife of about two weeks as long as the mixture is kept cold. Place your lucky bamboo plant in the center of your altar and leave it there until tomorrow morning, where you can move it to an appropriate indirectly lit area of your home. Tonight, take a few minutes to go over your journal, adding notes and entries you may have missed. Copy your earth sigil, along with any impressions you may have on the power and strength of the earth. Remember to observe all that takes place the following day in relation to the work you have begun. Remark on any dreams you may have this night. Keep your work secret.