The entities that can be created, are thought-forms that have been selected to bring forth desired results. A thought-form is a symbol that represents a concept or thought for the person. A thought-form can be visualized by anyone and can represent anything. It is entirely in the realm of concept until the person makes the thought-form manifest into reality. That can be done through entity work as well as other methods. Through the deliberate actions and intentions of segregation and personification (separating the essential idea away from everyday concerns and giving it a personality, special characteristics, and associations to symbols), the thought forms will take on a conceptual form that will allow them to maximize the energy that they have received through your actions and intentions. By maximizing this energy you allow for very powerful actions to occur through creative processes.

All things that are created with the mind have the ability to manifest outside of the mind in some form or shape. The mind is a microcosm of the universe. That which affects the mind, has the ability to affect the universe.

People have created and worked with different types of entities far beyond recorded history. Many gods and goddesses came into being as thought-forms personified. This allowed humans to interact with and interpret cause and effect in the world in which they lived. Often these fledgling thought-forms were slowly transformed into the gods and goddesses that we know today by the general acceptance of the attributes given to events. As more people adopted those understandings of the events as actions of “things greater than themselves/’ the thought-forms gained momentum and energy from the people that understood them. Over time a single thought had transformed from one person’s
way of understanding the world, to what are now considered some of the most powerful gods, goddesses, demons, and spirits.

When someone says the word “familiar,” images of a witch’s black cat often come to mind. A “familiar” entity often aids witches in magickal workings. Sometimes they will help lend a hand in regards to an upcoming event. What most people don’t know is that the cat isn’t the “familiar”. The entity attached to the cat is the familiar. The “familiar” uses the cat as a medium so that it can effect the world around it and help the mage in his or her work. Even fewer people know that “familiars” are often created, and that witches are not the only people that create entities similar to “familiars.” Since ancient times the belief and use of entities, such as “familiars,” have been wide spread. Often people would house these entities in things other than cats, such as bottles, gems, statues, etc.

By taking specific thoughts and emotions and identifying them with things like names, symbolic attributes, etc., we are better able to work with them in a conscious manner. Therefore it is very important that we wisely choose our thoughts and the way that we understand them. If we do not understand our thoughts and emotions and try to use them for our own benefit, the results can, and more often than not, will be counterproductive.

Some people question the reality of entities created by our thoughts and emotions. Their understanding is that if we have the ability to create something with our mind, it therefore must be imaginary. This is, however, not the case. When someone studies magick long enough, they will come to the understanding that what is thought of as “self” and “not self” is merely an illusion. We only have company in life due to the illusion of being separated. Everything that we experience, perceive, or understand in any way, has been created within our own minds. The world as we understand it was created by us through our experiences. The world that we live in is only that of ourselves. Only we have the ability to change the things in our world, and our mind gives us the ability to do just that.

Everyday we, as evolving humans, learn something new. When we are presented with a new situation, we do our best to relate to this experience with the knowledge that we already have. As time goes on, we ma y find that our original thoughts and theories ma y have been incorrect and need to be changed a bit. We do not discard the experience all together as though it never happened. What we do is
note -what we have learned and adjust our understanding accordingly. Everything in the world as we know it has been constructed by the limitations of our ow n minds at the time that we experienced it. Thereafter, we merely build upon our own thought constructions for what we perceive to be “real” or the “truth.” Once you understand how to change you r perceptions, there is nothing in this world that your mind cannot change.

In relation to entities, this simply means that we really may not know exactly what entities are, but we know that they exist. As we learn more about them through our interaction and practice of working with them, we adapt what we have learned to fit into our new understandings or
our experiences.

You create entities and can accordingly determine what such entities will do for you. You don’t use the perception of belief with entities, but instead use the perception of attributes with your entity. To put it simply, you choose to perceive that an entity has specific talents about it that will help in your operations. Those talents are attributes that you have placed upon the entity. A thing to understand about entities is that they have different levels of intelligence. This intelligence depends on the type of entity

One way of understanding entities is that they are formed from the collective unconscious. When we specifically identify and give a certain type of energy human attributes, we are separating the energy from the collective unconscious and create a new being. This new being is still
interconnected wit h the collective unconscious, as we all are, but it is a distinct energy being.

Entities have the ability to draw on the collective unconsciousness when they are instructed to do so. By doing this, entities are able to learn new skills and gain information. This ability also allows for them to affect the collective unconsciousness in ways that will allow for their
tasks to be accomplished

If entities are formed from thoughts and emotions, what were they before they were formed? There are many different theories and understandings on this topic. Most of the theories seem to make a reference to a great mass of energy. Some often refer to this mass as the Creative Life Force. This energy, or Life Force, exists in all things and expands beyond human understanding. When a human decides to
give a part of this great energy mass a form, it establishes this small part of energy as a new spiritual being. This new spiritual being resides on a plane of existence that some magickal practitioners refer to as the astral plane.

The process is similar to when parents conceive a child. They take a part of the Great Creative Life Force and give it a form. This new form exists on both the astral and physical planes. An identity is established and furthers the creation of this being. The original energy from the Creative Life Force has not been separated from the rest, but it ha s been provided wit h an astral and physical “container” in which it can reside.

One way to look at it is to think of the thought, emotion, or both, as the equivalent to the male’s semen. The Creative Life Force is thought to be the female’s egg. When the two join, they form a being that combines the genetic code of both parts. This genetic code is the driving force and guide by which the entity shall “live its life.”

This is similar to the process of entity creation. You create an astral “container” for the great Creative Life Force on the astral world. Even though a portion of the Creative Life Force has been separated, it is still interconnected with the greater whole of the Creative Life Force.