Genuine crystal balls are very expensive, and the best source for them is
Germany, where they’ve mined and polished clear crystal for centuries. Less costly
options include polished stones or balls made of lead crystal. The lead crystal options
often have bubbles in them, and can be found in various colors. Those bubbles can
actually aid in focusing, so the visions that appear are inside the ball, moving across the
bubble. Ann prefers crystal for its natural energy source, but you can draw visions from
anything, if you are visual with your divinations.
Before use, the crystal ball should be dedicated and charged (empowered) with an
herbal wash of mugwort, made by pouring boiling water over loose mugwort (in a tea
pot, for example), letting it cool, and then washing the crystal ball with it.
The key to scrying with a crystal ball, as well as with a mirror, is to relax. Do not
try to force a vision. Don’t strain yourself trying to see something. Visions come very
gently and subtly. Ann recommends a quiet place, or one with soothing music played
very low. A candle and incense on either side of the ball may aid in focus.
Look into the ball, try to find the center, and focus on that. If there is a bubble in
the ball, it makes it easier to find a portion of the ball to focus on. Do not let your vision
fuzz over. The objective is clear sight. It’s okay to blink, or use one eye more strongly
than the other, just retain your focus. Soon you will see the crystal ball clouding inside.
Once you see the clouding, you have several options. If you want to ask a
question, whisper it now, and watch what unfolds. If you want to see something that’s
happening in the present time, whisper what you want to see, and watch. These two
examples generally result, at first, in a kind of silent movie in your focal point. What
you’re really doing is extending your awareness. With practice you will start to pick up
on sounds, smells, and other sensations.
Another option when you see the clouding is to travel to another world. If this is
what you want to do, be prepared for the journey. For many, this feels like a falling
sensation, and it can scare them out of completing the journey. If you want to travel,
relax and go with it, you can return to your home/room/chair any time. “Fall” into the
Underworld, Otherworld, etc.
(Becca’s note: I do this in many settings, often starting in meditation, envision a
window that looks out where I want/need to go, build up energy with each breath, and
when I have enough, I let go and “fall” down through the window in my mind, into the
plane I saw on the other side of that window. And the window can be my way home
when I’m ready, if needed.)
When travelling with a crystal ball like this, the room around you becomes
dimmer and dimmer until all you see is the crystal all around you. Retain your focus
while you travel. Jerk yourself out and you’re back where you began. The only thing to
fear on this journey are your own fears. Use this tool to face those fears, expose them,
understand them, and get past them. It’s a very personal, spiritual, and cleansing