You may be uncomfortable with the idea of worshipping yourself or not feel you’re worth worshipping.

That should change! Everyone has a spark of the Divine inside them.

That is worth honoring. You are worth honoring as a vessel of the Divine as well.

Collect things that you associate with yourself. Photos you love, jewelry, trinkets; things you may not use anymore but still love fall into this category.

Items from your childhood are great to use as well if they remind you of happy times.

Favorite books? Favorite colors? Draw them all in to help assemble this self-care space to honor you.

Choose a place to set up your altar.

A small wall shelf somewhere is a great idea, if you want to keep it small and simple.

You can hang pictures or art on the wall above or around it. Decorate it however you like: add shells, drape scarves, add action figures…

This is for you.

Make sure there’s room for a candle.

A votive in a glass candleholder taller than the candle is a good idea, to protect the things around it from the flame.

What You Need:

Framed photo of yourself (size of your choice)

Representations of your activities (job, hobbies, and so on)

Representations of life events (such as rites of passage, medals, trophies, and so on)

2–3 of your favorite stones or crystals

Candle (color of your choice) and candleholder

Matches or lighter

What to Do:

1. Assemble your chosen items where you’ve chosen to set up your altar. Set the candle in the middle and arrange the other objects around them.

2. As you place them, take a moment to remember how proud or happy you felt at each life stage or achievement. Appreciate how hard you work at your job. Feel gratitude for your hobbies. As you build the altar to yourself, build the feeling of pride and love for yourself and the person you are.

3. When the altar is complete, center and ground. Light the candle. Look slowly and deliberately at the items you have collected and displayed.

4. Say: I honor myself. I honor my strength. I honor my past that has led me here. I honor my skills, my talents. I honor my determination. I honor my need for space and time to myself. I honor my rights. I honor my potential.

5. When you are done, you can extinguish the candle.

6. At least once a week, return to the altar and light the candle. Let your gaze travel over your collection that makes up the altar and be proud of who you are. Repeat the prayer above, if you like. Go to the altar when you feel worn out, are fighting low self-esteem, or doubting your awesomeness. Tip:

This altar is by no means static. It’s a work in progress. Add to it as often as you like.