The Chaos of the divine feminine

“The reason that they felt ill at ease was that by eating and drinking they laid themselves open to Az-concupiscence: their bodies were no longer self-sufficient but depended on nourishment from outside, and this in turn ultimately led to their own wastage and death when they themselves are devoured by Az, for Az is not only the demon of gluttony and lust, she is also the demon of death who is never sated; she is the demon ‘who swallows all things.” – : The Dawn and Twilight of Zoroastrianism, R.C. Zaehner, New York, 1961

Az, which is a female demon related directly to Ahriman, is considered a harlot and Goddess of Death and Blood. In this aspect Az is related or a blue-print for, Lilith, Hecate and Babalon. She is the Vampyre Queen, the immortal witch whom creates the alchemical elixir of endless existence, the very core essence of the Luciferian and Vampyre. Az may also be related to KALI, the Goddess who devours and brings life. The Vampyre in this aspect is one who feeds of the blood – lifeforce or the nectar of the mind, the imagination, thus revealing the Vampyre as a solitary being who holds no need in the actual draining of blood. The blood itself is symbolic, as an invocation to the Dark Well of the Fallen Angels, the subconscious or imagination (Iblis, Shaitan).

Az is connected with the word, Azhi, meaning a serpent. The Chaos of the divine feminine or lunar essence is explored through a Godform relation to this Goddess, thus the magician invokes AZ to understand the feminine within. It is the Serpent and Dragon which are the immortal avatars of the well of the imagination, the blood pool of immortality and the endless existence of the psyche.

Death and the grave exists a challenge and significance within the Shadow Sabbatic Path, being of two primary points. One is that death and darkness is a challenging image and concept which the magician must overcome mentally to invoke a higher point of self-initiation, to understand opposites and their dual meaning. The second is that death is a gateway of self-transformation and thus the relation of the vampyre and the grave is this; that the developed and isolated psyche strives for survival beyond the grave, that the mind may prove immortal to exist thus as the fallen angels or watchers.

The Dragon of Darkness is our freedom within the Nightside world of Atavisms and the Lesser and Greater Famulus of the self, that the Sabbatic Path awakens our potential as Gods and Goddesses. Reach forth into the shadow, for it is there that Lucifer and Iblis emerge, and through the Nightside may the gates of immortality open. Ford