The first step to working with entities is learning to attune
your energy to work with an entity. What that means is
that you should have some degree of control over your own
energy. If you do not, working with an entity, let alone
creating one, may be difficult. What are some things that
you can do to improve your connection with entities?


Meditation is a tool that will allow you to gain control of
your thoughts and actions. With proper control, anything
is possible and accurate results can be achieved.
It is important to be clear in your mind what exactly
it is that you want for your magickal working. Meditation
will help you to define your goals and desires. It will also
allow you to see the situation from different angles. This
will often reveal hidden situations that may lend themselves
to helping achieve your goals.

If you do not have a regular meditation routine, it is
recommended that you start one as soon as possible. There
are many books out on the subject. If you look in your local
phone directory, you may be able to find local community
classes that teach meditation.
You may even want to join a Tai Chi class if it is
offered in your area. Tai Chi is a Chinese form of moving
meditation. This serves you two-fold, as you gain the
benefits of meditation as well as keeping your body fit and
in tune with your spiritual growth.


Regular exercise is an important factor in over-all health.
Exercise not only will keep you in good physical shape, but
also reduces stress, alleviates depression, and improves the
quality of your sleep. You don’t have to run out and get a
membership at a gym. Try spending an hour doing martial
arts, yoga, or any other type of exercise such as walking,
dancing, swimming, or even inline skating. Exercise can
aid you in daily attunement to your personal energy as
well as the energies you work with. Physical exercise causes
you to sweat, which helps clean some of the toxins out of
your body. This will help your energy flow throughout
your body better.


A good diet and perhaps even a good multi-vitamin can
make a big difference in your energy as well. There is no
one “true” diet that everyone should follow. However, try
to eat balanced meals with moderate portions. More small
meals a day are sometimes better than three large meals a
day. Buy or grow organic whenever you can and try to eat
food that is minimally processed. Raw fruits and vegetables
are more nutritious than when cooked. If you must cook
them, steaming is preferred. If you’re a meat-eater, organic
meat and poultry or wild game is best. If you choose a
vegetarian or vegan diet, make sure you get the protein and
iron you need through nuts, seeds, tofu, etc. Drink lots of
pure water. Cut back on caffeine, sugar, artificial colors and
flavors, and preservatives. Changing your eating habits can
be very difficult. You don’t have to do it all at once, pick one
or two of your unhealthy eating habits and replace them
with new, healthy habits.


Getting enough sleep is very important for health and
energy. With only a few exceptions, the average adult
needs between 7 and 8 hours of sleep within each 24-
hour period to be adequately alert for 16 to 17 hours.
Without the proper amount of sleep, the body cannot
and will not function to its fullest potential. If you have
trouble sleeping, try taking a hot bath before you go to
bed. Lavender and Chamomile are soothing scents…try
spraying your sheets and pillow with water and a combination
of lavender and chamomile essential oils. Don’t
drink caffeinated beverages or eat sugary foods before
going to bed.


Another tool in your toolbox is the art of creative visualization.
Creative visualization will help you align the
physical, mental, and spiritual minds to act together to
achieve a desired result. It also allows for you to gain
insight and information that was once hidden. The type of
information that you may receive may come in the form
of a scent, an image in the mind’s eye, a sense of coolness
or warmth, etc.
Creative visualization is often thought of as a balancing
act between meditation and hypnosis. This is because
creative visualization has the controlled state of awareness
that meditation affords. At the same time it has the potential
“programming” power that hypnosis provides.
Self-help clinics and various magickal groups usually
teach creative visualization. There are books that teach
and explain the subject, but some individuals find it hard
to practice creative visualization through the guidance of
a book. Therefore it is recommended that you seek out a
magickal group, self help group, or clinic that offers creative
visualization courses. You may even want to supplement
your practices and studies with some hypnosis training.
Experiencing Energy Signatures
Each person and entity has their own energy signature. By
learning to recognize your energy signature from someone
else’s, you become more attuned to the energy around
you. There are many exercises that you can do to help you
with this. One that is easy is making note of some of your
friends’ energy signatures (or how they feel to you when
they are around you). When someone comes into a room
where your back is to them, try and figure out who it is by
their energy signature before turning around to see who it is. Of course, if you have friends that are magi, then
you can structure this a bit more. Another way to attune
yourself to someone’s energy signature is to stand facing
each other with your palms 1-2 inches apart from each
other. Feel each other’s energy and then decide who will be
the leader. Now, the leader will move their hands around
in circles, figure 8’s, or whatever patterns they wish. The
follower will follow their energy. Once you get used to this
with your eyes open, both leader and follower should close
their eyes and continue to follow the energy signature of
their partner. Start slow at first, then speed things up, or
start with your hands close together and then work them
farther apart.

Become More Creative

Expanding your creativity is extremely helpful when
working with any type of magick. When it comes to creating
entities, however, creativity should be given the highest
priority of development.
Thinking in a creative manner will allow you to solve
a problem with at least ten different solutions, with most of
them being highly feasible. When you think creatively, you
realize that not only is anything possible, but that there
may be several different ways to achieve success. Creative
thinking allows you to see situations in a multidimensional
aspect. This will allow you to find the fastest way to achieve
results in a way that will make everyone involved satisfied
with the outcome.
With a little bit of creative thinking, you may find solutions
to your problems without the use of any magickal
workings. When magick is required, however, your creative
thinking skills will allow you to develop the best laid out
plan of magickal attack, which will cover almost every area
that needs to be addressed to assure a successful outcome
for everyone and everything involved.A method to start sharpening your creative thinking
skills is to come up with ten solutions to every problem that
you are faced with. The next time that you have an issue
that needs to be resolved, write down on a piece of paper at
least ten different possible ways to resolve the solution. You
may at first get one or two with no problem, but when it
comes to more than two you may find it difficult. If you do
find it hard, that’s OK, just keep thinking. Even if the idea
sounds dumb or far-fetched write it down.
If you do this every time you have a situation to
resolve, you will find that your ideas will become sharper
and more focused than when you started this technique.
The more that you use this creative thinking method, the
more effective solutions you will come up with. You will
come to notice that your thought process has changed and
that you are starting to see opportunities where there were
none before.

Respect The Entities You Work With

When you start working with entities, of any type, always
show the utmost respect for them. This is one thing that
most people overlook when working with entities, manmade
or preexisting. Many, either because of ill instruction
or ignorance, try to dictate and control the entities through
threats and intimidation. This is the surest way to minimize
the effectiveness of your magickal workings.
To maximize your magickal workings, you should
treat the entity as though it is a comrade or friend. When
you work in this manner, the entity is more responsive to
your wishes and will work harder to manifest your desires.
It is similar to working with humans, the more you respect
them and the better you treat them, the more that they will
do for you.
Be aware that with any entity, created or not, trust
goes both ways. You have to fulfill your end of the bargain even as it fulfills its end. If you don’t, the repercussions
are less than desirable. It’s better to pay your dues
when it is time than to let them grow beyond the means
of payment. Your strength as a person and as a mage
can sometimes be measured by how honorably you’ve
conducted your affairs.
Of course there are exceptions to every rule. Like
humans, some entities will not work any harder for you no
matter how you treat them. In these instances, it is best to
use your judgment as to whether you wish to continue to
work with such an entity. After all, the entity was created
by you to fulfill your desires, and if an entity shows any
signs of not wishing to accomplish those goals, it is up to
you to decide on what you wish to do about it.
Magick, in any form, requires energy to work. Only
by actually doing magick on a daily basis, working with
energy everyday, and learning to control energy, will your
spiritual power grow stronger. You will become capable of
using magick in a wide variety of ways, which includes
creating and working with entities