Witchcraft Theory & Practice – The Key to Manifestation

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It is advantageous that you realize just what is accessible through this
technique. I have spent many years charting and understanding the concept
of thought and the body of the mindscape as a way of understanding and
tapping into what I was sure was there as a latent or uncontrolled power. I
have always been subject to random flashes of telepathy and have traveled
the timescape through the use of Tarot to predict future events that have
occurred exactly, explicitly, and, in many, many cases, word for word. It is
not in my nature to leave things that are open to misrepresentation alone
until I have an understanding of their pattern, so I experimented with the
concept of consciousness to gain a handle on the function.
What I uncovered is the pattern of thought-it moves as light moves and is,
therefore, instantly there and instantly not. It is both particle and wave, as is
light, which, incidentally, is why spells are told to no one. To speak a thing is
to collapse the wave, sending the spell into a form of manifestation that may
not be material in the observable sense, but is vibratory, therefore having
presence in material reality. Please think about this! There is both
foreground thought and background thought dancing through the
mindscape at differing rates of recognizable frequency, and they both exist
within a medium; this medium is like space through which both energy and
matter realize themselves, but which is a vessel in its own right. Space, both
within the mindscape and within recognizable manifest reality, is a
matrix-and the matrix is the medium through which all things travel. It is a
thing of profound silence. It is the spaces between thought, and it is through
consciously accessing this medium that telepathy and all forms of
spellcrafting find their expression. There are no dividing lines here between
that which is within and that which is without. Fully realizing this removes
the illusion of separateness that is the stumbling block to the activation of
1. Do not do the following exercises in bed until you are used to the
technique, as it is likely that you will fall asleep.
2. Have a soft, dim lamp or a lighted candle behind you somewhere, as direct
or overhead lighting can be very disconcerting.
3. Seat yourself comfortably, either in a straight-backed chair or against a
wall, with your hands, legs, and feet uncrossed.
4. Begin (with eyes closed) by taking several deep breaths, filling your lungs
to capacity and then exhaling totally. Be aware of breathing by counting
your breaths. Take no fewer than ten to begin.
5. Allow your breathing to become natural again.
6. The aim now is to allow yourself to drift into the velvetvblackness of
nonthought. You will initially find that your mind will want to function in
overtime; it will trick you into thoughts that seemingly enter your mind of
their own volition. Gently, but firmly, push them out again, always aiming
for that state of velvety-blackness and nonthought. You can utilize either
active or passive silence, understanding that if the active silence tool is
music, it should be almost inconsequential, like baroque music played in
largo. A similar tool is a metronome set at sixty• beats per minute (active
silence is of enormous benefit if you have distant sounds of traffic that
disrupt you).
7. Allow7
just a few minutes the first time, and remember not to apply force
against your unwanted thoughts, just gentle pressure. The aim is to still
your foreground. Your center is somewhere within that velvety-blackness.
When you have reached a state of nonthought, you will have reached your
center, which is a state of tranquillity.
8. Allow yourself to drift there as long as you like or as long as nothing
interferes. When you have done this, repeat the deep breathing to
rejuvenate yourself, stretch fully, like a cat, and focus on maintaining your
sense of tranquillity beyond the exercise.
Continue this process daily, even if only for a few minutes. Give yourself
the gift of making time. You are doing three things:
• disciplining your will;
• discovering the sublime silence at the center of your being and activating
that center;
• preparing the ground for active and intentional magic.
You will find this technique invaluable when you get down to more
specific magical workings, so it is truly desirable to continue practicing and
to begin all future exercises with the meditative process.