The Wheel of Solstice and Equinox is as follows: Winter Solstice (known as
Yule); to Spring Equinox (known as Ostara); to Summer Solstice (known as
Litha); thence to Autumn Equinox (known as Mabon). This is the
Solar/Earth Wheel.

We ritually acknowledge the solstice and equinoctial processions to align
ourselves with these cycles, both personally and environmentally. The
mythological symbolism is very important, as it is the image of the cycle that
is out there that allows each witch to personalize the sacred drama as it
begins to unfold. The cycle is, therefore, also a process and a progression of
the initiate, both as person and priesthood, that spirals you out to dance the
season of the Earth. The way of a witch is irrevocably interwoven with these
progressions, the point being that all that is runs through your veins, and to
celebrate this is what your priesthood is about. It is also important to
understand that our planet, supporting as she does the myriad and diverse
life forms and patterns, must be empathized with to be understood. She is
not just a patch of dirt to be exploited for her bounty.

Living the Wheel enables us to flow more freely with our individual
destinies. It enables us to achieve by flowing with the pattern rather than
with the dominant paradigm. The Solar/Earth progression awr
akens (after the sleep of darkness, marked by Samhain) at the Winter Solstice (the first
phase of the waxing year) and continues through spring, summer, and
autumn. Interwoven with these Sabbats are the Fire Festivals.