Witchcraft Theory & Practice – Intent

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Know, at all times, why you are doing what you are doing. Know your own
motives well. Exercise caution in your undertakings, as each action, each
thought, is to be clearly of your own choosing. Each thought and every
action will engender, progressively, a response relative to it for which you
are solely responsible. I say progressively because you will become aware, in
this manner, of a deepening of self as the illusions drop from you like a
snake shedding an outmoded skin.
There is no reason to set up a ritual circle or cleanse with intent of
purification unless there is an intent. That intent can be as simple as seeking
contemplation as a passive form of ritual, or as complex as the experiment of
a Qabbalistic Mass in the tradition of the Golden Dawn. It matters not if your
intent is unclear. The lack of intent will reflect on the evolving whole, as
each initiate has an effect, like the butterfly effect in the chaos theory