Samhain: The Feast of the Dead. The celebration of the reign of the dark
Goddess, Queen of the Underworld. The time when the veil-between-theworlds is thinnest. Samhain initiates winter.

The Feast of Bride: The rise of the child Goddess, virgin queen, Goddess of
all wild things. The time of the-wT
aking-of-theworld. The Feast of Bride
initiates spring.

Beltaen: The Great Rite of the Goddess. Sacred marriage to the Sun King
through his rite of the hunt. The summoning of the power of the Great
Stag; celebration of fecundity. Beltaen initiates summer.

Llughnassad: Festival of the Goddess of Magic. The time of enchantment’s
queen; the power of the initiator is celebrated here, and the passage of the
sacrifice of God (initiation proper); rite of the high priestess, Goddess
incarnate. Llugh- nassed celebrates the light-bringer and the harvest, and
it initiates autumn.

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