A Kitchen Witch is a Witch who focuses his or her magical practice on the home and hearth and uses things commonly found in the kitchen as magickal tools. Kitchen Witchery may be an expression of religious faith; a Kitchen Witch may focus his or her spirituality on ancestor spirits or hearth Gods or Goddesses, or it may simply be a creative outgrowth of a secular Witch’s homemaking activities – or anything in between. A Kitchen Witch may be a member of any religion or no religion at all.

A Kitchen Witch may use ritual in his or her magical working, but Kitchen Witchery often involves the use of environmental energies, such as those from essential oils, herbs, foods and everyday objects. These are then infused with the witch’s own personal energy toward her intent. Kitchen Witches are practical beings and do not tend to be overly strict about ingredients, willing to improvise where needed.

A Kitchen Witch may integrate Witchcraft into all or any aspect of his or her homemaking activities. Many Kitchen Witches are also “crafty” folks, enjoying handicrafts into which they may weave their magick.

Kitchen Witches tend to be excellent, or at least passionate cooks who delight in experimenting with new flavors and recipes. A Kitchen Witch may infuse magic into his or her cooking by selecting ingredients based upon their properties, often referring to alchemical correspondences or working strictly by intuition. A Kitchen Witch may also use special chants while cooking, stirring and kneading in order to infuse his or her intention or energy into the final product.

Home Decor
Many Kitchen Witches decorate their homes with magical protective symbols or to be in harmony with the elements or Nature. Colors and design elements may be chosen with their symbolic nature and magical energies in mind. Some Kitchen Witches do this by intuition or instinct, and some turn to Feng Shui for inspiration.

House Cleaning & Laundry
Kitchen Witches may incorporate their magical practice into all aspects of housekeeping, including laundry and general cleaning. This may involve scenting laundry with herbs chosen to draw desired energies to the wearer or to the home. This can be done by adding essential oil to water sprayed onto ironing or tossing a bag of dried herbs into the dryer, among other methods.

The home may be infused with herbal energy by creating cleaning products and washes using herbs with desirable properties. Rituals of purification, often involving besoms, may be performed on a regular basis to do away with unwanted energies