Ode to Joy Spell

Joy is the state beyond happiness, an exhilarating lightness of-being, total body and mind sensation that takes you
beyond your ordinary self. It may be hard to recall it
sometimes, but we have all experienced joy. This spell helps
you to remember what it felt like to be transported by joy, to
recapture that feeling, and to keep it close to you. You will
an orange candle
amber or jasmine incense
a recording of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony (If you
do not care for this piece of music, or cannot obtain
it, substitute another for it. Choose a song or other
piece of music that is joyful to you.)
The Spell
Get into a magickal mood, and burn the candle while
listening to the symphony. Create sacred space for the
working. Raise power. Meditate on your joys and sorrows
with your focus on all that is or has ever been joyful to you.
Recall the most joyous moments of your life and exactly how
you felt while experiencing them. Visualize that feeling as a
crystal, a ray of light, or whatever image makes sense to you.
Hold on to it tightly. Keep it next to your heart, and in your
Light the incense from the candle when the “Ode to Joy”
(the operatic part of the symphony) begins. Allow yourself
to be flooded with joy as you listen to the soaring music.
Visualize the music and the incense smoke undulating
around your feeling of joy, entwining with it, and fusing with
it. Be one with that feeling. If you are moved to cry, dance,
sing, shout, or do something else, go ahead and do it.
Enjoy the music until it ends. Visualize taking the feeling
of joy and putting it in a safe place, such as a crystal cave or
a secret garden, from which you can retrieve it any time you
like. When the joy has been safeguarded, extinguish the
candle, and ground the power that you raised.
You should feel great, jazzed up, and energized after
casting this spell. Have something to eat or drink to help
ground yourself, if you have trouble returning to ordinary
You may need to repeat the spell many times to achieve this,
but at some point your association of the sound of that
piece of music, the smell of that incense, and the sight of
that color candle burning will become one with your memory
of joy. When this happens, any one of them will become a
trigger that enables you to feel your joy.
Protective Shieldof Janus
Janus (pronounced Jayn-us or Yayn-us) is the double-faced
Roman god of beginnings and endings. His dominion
includes entrances, exits, thresholds, the first day of each
month, and the first day of the year. January, the first month
of the year, is named for him. He can be invoked to protect
portals, passages, perimeters, people, and property. Be
reasonable in your expectations of what the spell can do,
though. Placing a psychic shield of protection around your
home does not mean that you can then safely leave doors
unlocked, ignore needed repairs, or do anything foolish.
This protection spell can be cast at any time, but it is most
powerfully cast at dawn or dusk on the first day of a month.
You will need:
four rocks of the same approximate size (They need
to have shapes that will allow images of Janus to be
drawn on both sides of each rock and be shaped so
that both sides are visible when they are set down.
Smooth rocks will be easier to work with. Use larger
rocks if you will be placing them outdoors and
smaller ones if you will be using themindoors.)
a permanent felt-tip pen
Optional: grains of wheat (bulgur, wheat germ,
sprouted wheat, or even wheat flour would do) mixed
with salt (Kosher salt, sea salt, or rock salt is best,
but ordinary table salt is fine.)
Janus is usually depicted as a mature man with short curly
hair and a curly beard. Draw his face in profile (as on a coin)
on both sides of each rock. Make a left-facing image on one
side and a right-facing image on the other. Your artistic
ability or accuracy in depicting Janus isn’t important; the
power of your intent is. As you draw each image say aloud,
“This is Janus.” Mean it when you say it. Believe it, and it
will be Janus.
Put the rocks on your altar or in some other place of
honor. Wheat and salt are a traditional offering to Janus. If
you are using them, mix them together, and work deosil to
spread themaround the rocks as an offering.
Next, decide where to place the rocks to create your
shield. They could be positioned indoors in the four corners
of your house or apartment, or they could be placed
outdoors at the four corners of your house, yard, or
property. Select four spots to position the rocks. The
locations should represent the cardinal points as closely as
possible. You can do this mentally, or by physically locating
the positions.
The Spell
Get into a magickal mood, and collect the rocks. Create
sacred space around them, yourself, and the area where you
will be working. Raise power. Focus on Janus until you feel a
connection with him. Speak to him in your mind, and ask him
to charge the rocks with his powers of protection. Handle
the rocks while you do this. Concentrate on charging them
until you can almost perceive themglowing or vibrating with
power. Hold your hands over themand say:
Powers of Janus, powers ofrock,
Through the year, around the clock,
Protect us better than a lock.
Powers of Janus, powers ofstone,
Across, about, between, together, alone,
Protect all that is our own.
When the rocks are sufficiently charged, begin placing them
in the positions that you have chosen for them. Repeat the
words of the spell continuously while you do this. As soon
as you place the second rock, visualize a force field or laser
light (or whatever image works for you) shooting between
the first and second rocks. Build this image as you place the
rest of the rocks until the force field covers the entire
perimeter, exterior or interior, of your home or property. If the
rocks have been placed outdoors, gather up the wheat and
salt and sprinkle them over the stones as an offering to
Janus. Ground the power that you raised.
To keep this spell activated, periodically renew your
visualization of the force field. Tend the rocks from time to
time by dusting them, clearing leaves or snow from them, or
doing whatever is needed to keep the images of Janus