Full Moon Magick Phase

Even though we usually associate the Full Moon with magic, it’s not the only
phase that tugs at our emotions. The waxing, waning, and dark phases also come
into play. In fact, each phase exudes a particular and separate type of energy that
feeds and energizes the emotional pool, and since pure, raw, and unadulterated
emotion triggers successful magic, the Moon-in all Her phasescomprises one of
the most powerful tools we can use in our efforts.
The trick here is to work in harmony with the Moon’s phase. Take a spell to
gain new friends, for example. Since you’re obviously looking to increase the
number of people you know (and solidify your moral support system), you’d
want to perform the effort when the Moon is waxing or growing in the sky from
new to full. But what if the Moon is waning and you don’t want to wait several
weeks for the proper phase? Not a problem. Just rework the spell to reflect the
eradication of your loneliness. You get the idea.
With the exception of the Void of Course Moon, nearly any effort can be
performed successfully no matter what the Moon is doing. (For more
information, please see “A Moon Without Magic,” on page 46.) It’s just a matter
of knowing the energies of the phase at hand and understanding how to apply
them to your cause. Explanations of the Moon phases, their magical correlations,
and the Goddess archetypes Who claim them follow below