Cleansing Crystals And Gemstones

Cleansing crystals should always be carried out after after use in protection, healing and

When you obtain a new crystal, cleanse it before charging it with your own personal energies. In this
way you can remove all the energies, not necessarily negative, of those who have prepared, packed
and sold the stone. If the stone was a gift, however, you may wish to accept the loving energies with
which it was offered and rely on your innate defensive powers to filter out any unconscious negativity
left from the previous owner’s life.

You will also need to wash your crystals, and your crystal pendulum, if you use one, regularly in
running water to keep their energies clear.

If you have been in touch with a particularly negative influence, first wash the stones, then sprinkle
them with salt and pass over them an incense stick or oil burner in a fragrance such as lavender, pine
or rose. Finally pass them over the flame of a purple, silver or pink candle; in this way your crystal
absorbs the healing energies of all four elements.

Leave the crystals to dry in natural light, then wrap them for a few days in a dark cloth with a large
piece of unpolished amethyst wrapped separately so it will not scratch the smaller crystals. Amethysts
have great powers of healing for other crystals, but they need frequently to be rested and anointed
very gently with diluted lavender oil or a lavender infusion.

You can also cleanse crystals by leaving them in a rainstorm or burying them in a pot of lavender,
sage, Chamomile, rosemary or other herb of love and harmony. Leave them for 24 hours and, if
necessary, wash off any remaining soil with running water. The result will be a new vibrancy,
especially in the case of rutilated quartz, jade and moss agate (the last two are called the gardener’s