Chalice of Fertility Spell

Fertility can apply to human beings, plants, animals, ideas,
creativity, plans, businesses, and anything else that has the
ability to grow or reproduce. Whether you call her Danu,
Allat, Cybele, Isis, Ishtar, Demeter, Anahita, Inanna, or
another of her many names, the Great Mother Goddess is the
prime deity who rules fertility. Use this spell to invoke her
blessing upon anyone or anything that would benefit from
more fertility— but only on a person who has requested
magickal assistance.
The spell can be cast any time there is reasonably good
weather. You will need:
coconut milk (Cow’s milk may be substituted.)
a chalice (Any goblet will do, but one dedicated to
magickal usage is best.)
a stick of your favorite incense
Spend time with the Moon on three consecutive nights. As
you gaze at the Moon, meditate on the Mother Goddess and
the many blessings that she provides for human beings and
our planet. You need to feel close to the Mother in order for
this spell to work, so do this for more than three nights if
you need to.
The Spell
Get into a magickal mood. Fill the chalice with coconut milk
and take it outside. Light the incense and stick it in the
ground. Raise power, and create sacred space around the
area where you will be working.
Concentrate on the Mother, and on drawing her blessings
to you. Pour a libation of coconut milk on the bare ground,
as you say:
Your love is poured out upon the earth.
Great Mother, please bless _.
Fill in the blank with whatever you wish to have blessed
with fertility. It might be “my loins,” “her womb,” “this
orchard,” “our company,” or whatever describes your
specific intent. You can pour out the whole libation in one
place, or offer it in various places as you repeat the spell.
Remain in the place where you poured the libation until
the incense finishes burning. Don’t allow anything to break
your magickal mood as you visualize the power of fertility
working in the place or person you have focused it toward.
Ground the power that you raised after the incense burns
itself out.
Wait patiently but expectantly for the spell to manifest.
Regard the Moon whenever possible, and smile with the
secret knowledge that your spell is at work.