Broadcast Spell

Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind.
— Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream
If you hunger for love (or a lover) to enter your life, this spell
is for you. It can be cast at any time, in any place where you
have privacy and will not be interrupted, but it is best cast
outdoors, froma balcony or other high place.
Optional: incense, music, candles, ritual garb, or whatever
helps you to alter your consciousness
The Spell
Get into a magickal mood, and focus on your need. Lust and
longing have different energy signatures, so be honest with
yourself, and be clear about what you will be casting for.
Raise power around that need. Concentrate on it, and form
its raw emotion into a beam that you direct outward through
your third eye. This is your call, which will draw someone to
answer it. Say aloud:
I call from need, not from greed.
I call only that which will be good for me,
and do no harm to me or to others.
Mean it when you say this, because it is crucial to the
ultimate success of the spell. The tricky part of this spell
isn’t getting someone to respond, it’s getting the right
person to answer.
Formyour projective hand into a “megaphone,” thus:
Hold it to your forehead over your third eye. Feel the power
of your need and of the beam that directs your call. Envision
the narrow beam radiating outward, like a sound wave, as it
leaves your body. If it helps your visualization, picture the
beamas having a color or a sound. Amplify the power of the
beam until it is strong enough to be sensed across your
neighborhood, your town, or whatever calling area you have
Depending on where you are casting the spell, there will
either be an arc of open space in front of you or a circle of
open space around you. Slowly cover the entire open area
with your beam, beginning and ending at the same point.
Keep your hand to your third eye as you do this. If you
hope that the person who answers your call will come from a
particular direction, spend extra time focusing your beam
Sweep outward with your beam until you feel that your
call has been fully transmitted. Ground the power that you
raised, and leave that place. Eat something if you have
trouble shaking off your magickal mood.
This spell will manifest within ten days if your call has been
strong enough. It will take longer or need to be repeated if
you did not raise sufficient power.
Be open to new things while you are waiting for the spell
to work. Break your habitual patterns. Do different things,
and take advantage of opportunities to meet new people. If
you have any preconceived notions about what the person
who answers your call should look like, or be like, forget
them. Be willing to be surprised, and wait expectantly.
If you have cast this spell twice, and two cycles of the
Moon (two months) have passed without a response, it
means that there is no one suitable in your calling area. Wait
a few months and try the spell again, or go to a new location
and cast it from there.