Boundary Spell

Coexisting with other human beings can be stressful,
especially in crowded conditions such as cities and large
households. When we have trouble getting along with
people, it is often because they overstep the boundaries that
we have unconsciously set, then failed to communicate.
The best approach is to deal directly and honestly with
others, to tell them frankly but kindly what we expect or will
not tolerate. But if you’ve already tried that and it hasn’t
worked, this spell can help you to define and defend your
boundaries. It invokes Zemlya, a Slavic mother goddess.
The spell can be cast at any time, but it is most powerful
on a Saturday or when the Sun or Moon is in Saturn (use an
astrological almanac to determine this). Use caution, as
always, when working with fire. You will need:
two pieces of paper
a pen or marker with black ink
some dirt or potting soil
a black candle
a fireproof container
water for fire safety
a digging tool, such as a trowel or large spoon
Identify the groups and individuals who regularly overstep
your bounds. Is there someone who habitually calls or visits
you at inconvenient times? Do you have noisy neighbors,
meddlesome relatives, inconsiderate friends, or a job that
eats away at your personal life? Consider all of the recurring
invasions of your privacy, time, personal space, or property,
and write themdown.
Be reasonable about this. It may annoy you whenever
someone parks in front of your house, but if this is on a
public street, you have no right to claim that space as your
personal property or to defend it magickally as such. But if
someone habitually uses that public parking space as a
private mechanic shop or car wash and drives you nuts with
annoying noise, mess, or behavior, and if the police cannot
or will not help you with this, that is another matter.
When you finish your list, put it away for at least twentyfour hours. Take it out a day or two later, and reread it. Close
your eyes, and meditate on what you have written. Review it
again after you meditate. Consider whether or not you have
taken all possible nonmagickal actions to deal with these
things, such as writing letters or making phone calls.
Determine whether your list is complete, whether there are
items that don’t belong on it, and whether there are actions
you should take before proceeding with the spell. Make
changes and take action, as needed.
Next, define your boundaries, and write them down on
another sheet of paper. Include the things that you will no
longer allow, such as “phone calls after 11 pm,” “smoking in
my home,” “dogs on my lawn,” or whatever the case may be.
Also list the things that you will no longer do, such as
“work weekends,” “lend my car,” “cover for others,” or
whatever your issues may be.
This is your Action Plan, so beside each item list the
things you plan to do about it. For example, if smoking in
your home is a problem, you might write next to that item
“Remove all ashtrays from the house. Let guests know that
they must go out on the balcony to smoke.” If people
walking on your lawn is a problem, you might write “Put up
Keep Off the Grass signs. Plant a hedge.” or “Install a
Put the Action Plan away for at least twenty-four hours.
Take it out and reread it after some time has passed. Close
your eyes, and meditate on what you have written. Review
the Action Plan again after you meditate. Consider the
wisdom of these actions and their feasibility. Will you
actually do these things? Remind yourself that this spell
won’t work unless you carry out your Action Plan. If you
would like to add things, change things, or remove things
fromthe paper, do it.
The Spell
Assemble the spell materials, and get into a magickal mood.
Create sacred space around the area where you will be
working. Put your Action Plan on your altar or other working
surface, and place a small pile of earth in its middle. Spread
the soil out until it lines the four sides of the paper. Place the
black candle upright in the now empty center of the paper.
Position the fireproof container on a surface that will not
scorch if its bottom gets hot. Take the first paper you
prepared, and put it beside the container. Place the water
Take some of the soil from the sides of the paper, and
carefully push or sprinkle it near the candle each time you
say Zemlya’s name. When the spell is complete, all of the
soilshould be around the base of the candle.
Raise power, light the candle, and cast the spell. Hold
your hands with their palms upward on either side of the
candle, and say:
Beloved Zemlya, Mother Earth,
Protect me from annoyance, interference, and
From harassment, intrusion, and invasion.
Beloved Zemlya, Mother Earth,
Protect me from all that besieges, poaches, or
From all that seeps or creeps or prevents sleep.
Mati Syra Zemlya, Moist Mother Earth,
Protect me from all that presses, stresses,
depresses, or trespasses,
From all that disrupts, interrupts, pushes,
assails, or infringes.
Beloved Zemlya, Mother Earth,
Protect me from all that is rude, crude, or intrudes,
From all that crowds or is too loud.
Mati Syra Zemlya, Moist Mother Earth,
Protect me from everyone and everything
That would overstep my boundaries!
Carefully move the candle aside. Pick up the Action Plan by
either end, and tip all of the soil into the fireproof container.
Replace the candle in the center of the Action Plan. Take the
other paper from its place next to the fireproof container.
Touch one end of it to the candle flame, set it ablaze, and
carefully drop it into the container. The paper should burn
until it is completely consumed, and then extinguish itself.
(Relight it from the candle or douse it with water, if
Concentrate on ending all violations of your boundaries
as you watch the paper burn. Visualize your boundaries in
terms of time (your private life and personal time) and space
(your home, possessions, and personal space). Mentally
place glowing light around all that you would have this spell
henceforth hold inviolate.
Hold that image until the paper is consumed and the
candle burns itself out, then pour the water into the
container with the ashes and the soil. Take the container,
your Action Plan, and the digging tool outside (or to a
potted plant, if you must work indoors). Dig a hole, and bury
the Action Plan. Pour the mud and ashes over it, then cover
the hole. Place your hands over it, touching the earth, then
ground the power that you raised.
Remember the spot where you buried the spell debris.
Mark it in some way, such as with stones or twigs, if you are
concerned about forgetting its exact location. Even better,
plant something on top of it.
Go back inside, and clean up. Discard the candle and
whatever remains of the incense. Wash everything else.
Be vigilant in patrolling the borders you have defined for
yourself. The best way to keep this spell working is to carry
out all the items on your Action Plan. If you need some
magickal help with this, water the place where you buried the
spell debris whenever you have problems with boundary
issues. Take a tiny pinch of dirt from that spot, sprinkle it on
your head, and ask Mati Syra Zemlya for her help