(Ficus religiosa)
Folk Names: Bo-Tree, Peepul Tree, Pipul,
Sacred Tree
Gender: Masculine
Planet: Jupiter
Element: Air
Deities: Buddha, Vishnu
The Herbs
Powers: Fertility, Protection, Wisdom,
Ritual Uses: The plant is sacred to Vishnu
who, like Buddha, was said to have been
born beneath it. In the East, sacred fires are
fed with its wood. Since Buddha also sat
beneath this tree in meditation for six years,
it is sacred to Him, and the heart-shaped
leaves still tremble remembering the divine
Magical Uses: If you feel evil near, simply circle
this tree several times and the evil shall
flee in terror.
Barren women walk naked beneath a
bodhi tree to become fertile.
Use the leaves in meditation incenses and
all mixtures designed to give wisdom