The Basic  ideas and ideals  of being authentic could mean:

♦ Figuring out who you are
♦ Accepting yourself
♦ Being true to yourself

In itself, this may all sound very easy.

However, some people are going to struggle/

At times the strains and stresses of a busy daily life may distract us.

This may also mean that we will never pause to take a good look at ourselves to see who we really are.

Pausing to take a good look at yourself can be intimidating.

What if you aren’t the great person you think you are?

Sometimes self-care is hard because it means facing things you’d rather pretend aren’t there.

Self-examination is uncomfortable.

It requires a level of honesty that you may not feel prepared to handle.

You may fear admitting that you have been the one sabotaging yourself, knowingly or unknowingly, or you may be terrified of acknowledging that you need to crack down on your self-discipline in order to be your best self.

Self-care means recognizing that you’re weak in some areas.

It means you have more agency and control over your life than you may be comfortable accepting.

But just think: if you admit you have weak areas, you
know what to work on, and you know what parts of you
need more love and nurturing. If you accept
responsibility for being your best self, then you can
make better decisions regarding your self-care.
Try this affirmation: “I honor my true self.”

Living as your authentic self means following a very
individual path. No one else can live quite like you. It’s
a unique pursuit. Yes, it is hard to isolate your own
values and sometimes harder to live according to them
when it might be a lot easier to remain ignorant and
pretend that you’re fine. But caring for an inauthentic
self is like filling a leaky bucket. You can’t ever fill it,
because it’s not complete. Self-care means valuing all
the various parts of you, not just some of them (yes,
even the parts that still need work). If you pretend to
be someone you’re not, how can you ever be truly
happy? If you’re not being authentic, how can you have
compassion for yourself?

Living authentically might not be easy, but it’s
rewarding. Here are some things to keep in mind:

♦ Balance what you feel and/or need against your

♦ Making value-based choices will be healthier in
the long run than making choices based on
convenience or popular opinion.

♦ Advocate for yourself and your needs or wants.

♦ Don’t let yourself be driven by a need to be
approved of or liked by others. Approval is a
powerful drug, but being happy with your value-based choices is healthier for your spirit and sense
of self.

Being openly authentic can be intimidating. What if
you embrace yourself as you truly are, weaknesses and
flaws and all…only to be rejected by other people?
Fear is a powerful deterrent. Fear of failure, of
rejection, or of loneliness can combine with the fear of
missing out, creating a tangle of anxiety and a sense of
not being in control of anything. Remember, though,
living authentically will build your sense of confidence
and strength, which will in turn show in your personal

As much as self-examination can be scary, ignoring it
just creates a different kind of stress—avoidable stress,
at that. Make the choice to work through the stress
and engage in self-reflection instead of being at the
mercy of the stress that rises from procrastinating or
ignoring something. Be in control.