Past Lives: The journey home

In a past life, Andy was an escaping prisoner of war. He was trying to make his way back from Germany to England. Unfortunately, he was caught and shot

Witches’ History of Healing

Contemporary witches and Pagans view healing as one of their most important functions. They use a wide range of healing techniques, including magic; herbal and folk remedies; bodywork, and

Witches Pentacle

The pentacle is an important symbol-bearer in Witchcraft, normally inscribed with a pentagram, though other magical symbols may be present. The pentagram itself is a five-pointed star, drawn with

Witchcraft Explained

Witchcraft is a number of belief systems whose roots pre date Christianity and which comes under the umbrella heading of Pagan. Witchcraft also has roots which go back to

Some Basic Beliefs of Witches

One of the witches’ most important basic beliefs, obviously, is the reality and possibility of magic. This involves the idea that the physical world is only part of reality,


The ability of witches, sorcerers  and other magically empowered persons to transform themselves and other humans at will into animals, birds and insects. In witchcraft trials, people testified that

Lucius Apuleius

Lucius Apuleius is best known to us as the author of The Golden Ass, one of the most famous romances in the world, containing as it does the story

The Canon Episcopi Document

This important document in the history of witchcraft is at least as old as the beginning of the tenth century A.D. and may be older. It was published by

Elf in the Fairy Realm

Found in British, Scandinavian, and Teutonic folklore, elves are tiny, human-shaped supernatural beings who resemble little old men. However, elf maidens are considered to be young and very beautiful. They