Begin in the morning by reading the affirmation for the day.

Today’s segment concentrates on the wind, associating this energy with that of Spirit.

Close your eyes, quiet your mind, and allow Spirit to fully enter your body.

Then repeat the word
wind softly, conjuring your vision of wind in your mind. Open your eyes, and repeat
the affirmation at least three times. Remember to smile as you finish! Throughout the
day, repeat the affirmation as many times as you like. Begin and end with a smile. Write
down in a small notebook (or your HedgeWitch journal) anything unusual about this
day and events, people, or places that carry a strong wind association for you. In this way,
you will be prepared to perform the first night Rite of Wind.
To tIu t()rlOf’: Choose your signature plant/herb/flower. It may be your favorite, or it could be a
particular plant with a special meaning to you. You may wish to spend a little time surfing the Net, or visit a bookstore or library to read all about the plant you have chosen.
Remember that you will need a physical representation of your choice. If you already
have it growing in your garden, that’s great! If not, you might visit a local nursery, the
grocery store, or shop on the Net. If you are already familiar with the plant’s wild location out-of-doors, a short trip to collect it might be in order. The physical plant can be
dried, but you may wish to obtain a living one to forge a better connection.
all unpleasant odors in my home! I will open windows and air out
stufl)r areas and stagnant air. I will burn scented candles or use air fresheners to keep
my home smelling pleasant and fragrant. If I own a vehicle, I will clean it out, removing all trash and junk that has collected there. IfI have time, I will take it to be washed.
If not, I will reserve this task to be completed before I have finished this fourteen-day
If you are spending a week on this rite, look through Sections 4 and 5 of
this book and choose one or more projects, techniques, or formulas that you feel relates
to spiritual cleansing, and make those items. In this way, you will begin to build your
HedgeWitch magickal cabinet of supplies.
lavender, rosemary, chamomile, lemon verbena, lemongrass
your magick key, incense, small bowl of spring water, a white candle, a
representation of your signature herb Oust the word or a picture will do for this evening),
cleansing herbal mix , cotton conjuring bag or small net bag to hold
herbal mix, mortar and pestle to grind herbs if you are not using fresh herbs, paper (on
which to draw your wind sigil), pen, pin to inscribe the white candle,

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