Sun Incense 1

3 parts frankincense resin
2 parts myrrh resin
1 part wood aloe
/2 part Balm of Gilead 1
/2 part bay 1
/2 part carnation
Few drops of ambergris oil
Few drops of musk oil
Few drops of olive oil
Burn this incense to draw on the influences of the Sun
and for spells involving promotions, friendships,
healing, energy and magical power.

Incense and The Elements

Tradition dictates that you honour the four
‘directions’ and their appropriate Elements.
The following four incenses are suitable for
honouring the four directions or cardinal points
before moving onto the ritual proper. You can
then use any of the other incenses for their
appropriate purpose.

Incense and The Lunar Cycle

Incense and perfumes can be utilized during
the phases of the Moon to put you in touch with
lunar energy.
Sandalwood is particularly appropriate for the
first quarter when the Moon’s waxing enhances
Jasmine has the full-blown energies of the Full
Lemon, which is more ethereal, is symbolic of the lessening of the Moon’s influence as it
wanes in the last quarter.
Camphor signifies the similarly cold New