1. Go to the still point. This means relax, close your eyes, take several
deep breaths, and let nothing fill your mind. Be at peace. In your mind,
surround yourself with white light.
2. Next, be grateful for something-anything. Say out loud what you are
thankful for. These things do not have to be in line with your intent. By
being thankful, you will lift your spirits.
3. Align yourself with Spirit. Shift into nature, and it is easy to touch
that-which-runs-the-universe. Be grateful for this moment of peace and
inner pleasure.
4. Say: “There is one power, which is within and without” (and mean
it). This statement means that you acknowledge your magnificent
connection with Spirit, and that together you are one.
5. State, in language as simple as possible, precisely what you want. Say the
same exact statement three times, slowly and with meaning.
6. Say: “It always works! Always a blessing!”This means that you believe,
consciously and subconsciously, that you will receive what you desire.
7. In your mind, see yourself having what you want, and smile.
8. Say thank you, and smile again.
This simple format can be used within a longer ritual or alone for spellworking or as a
simple rite, meditation, or prayer format. It works both for group and solitary use.

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