The HedgeWitch guide is separated into fourteen segments, each segment entitled a
“night”because that is the time normally scheduled for the rite. Begin in the morning by reading the affirmation and the focus for the day. For example, the first night segment concentrates
on wind, associating this energy with that of Spirit. Close your eyes, quiet your mind, smile,

and allow Spirit to fully enter your body. Then repeat the word wind softly, conjuring your ‘
vision of wind in your mind. Open your eyes, and repeat the affirmation at least three times.
Remember to smile as you finish! Throughout the day, repeat the affirmation as many times
as you like. Begin and end with a smile. Write down in a small notebook anything unusual about this day and events, people, or places that carry a strong wind association for you.

In this way, you will be prepared to perform the first night ritual. Continue this process for the
remaining segments.
Each segment also’ contains a “to do today” requirement. For example, the first night segment suggests that you choose a signature plant that you will continue to work with for the
entire HedgeWitch experience. You will need to have a physical representation of this plant
for the fourteenth segment (the dedication ceremony).
Each day requires that you release something negative, old, or worn from your life to make
room for positive growth. You can’t keep filling your life with new things without learning
closure and releasing things that are no longer serviceable to you. For example, on the first day
you will air out your house. Of course, what you get rid of is entirely up to you-what I have
written is merely a suggestion. I realize that you are very busy, so if you miss a suggestion to
release on a particular day or evening, try your best to fulfill this release sometime during the
successive days (and definitely before the final ceremony).
Each “night” focuses on a set of herbs that, through correspondence, match the rite’s energy
intent. If you cannot find these herbs, substitutions are recommended. To find these substitutions, surf the Net (there is a compendium of information there on magickal herbal correspondences) or use Cunningham’s Encyclopedia oJMagical Herbs.
flow< IIrf1jlci te,: Each sequence encourages you to draw a personal sigil, or symbol, that
represents the focus of that day. This is done during the ritual sequence and relies on
your observations throughout the day. You can make the symbol as simple or elaborate
as you desire. Once you have completed the HedgeWitch sequence, you will have fourteen powerful “keys,” or gateways, that you can use in any type of working. Because you
have designed the symbol yourself, it will have great meaning to you. In the future, you
can use this symbol in candle magick, on petitions, to embroider on clothing, to place in
conjuring bags, etc. Only you will know what this symbol stands for, thereby making the
significance that much greater. When all the symbols are completed, you can begin mixing them together like bind runes, experimenting with how they will work best for you.
Keep a Hedge Witch journal as you progress
through these rites. It doesn’t have to be fancy. When I teach the
HedgeWitch course, my students use a simple composition book
that they decorate with colorful papers, stamp art, glitter, dried
herbs-whatever suits their fancy. Your journal will contain
your dreams over the next fourteen days, any unusual experiences you may have, the Hedge Witch sigils you create,
thoughts, insights, and so on. Writing a great deal is not necessary-jotted notes will do, as this record is only for you.
Yes, you can reorder the first eleven rites as they might suit you;
however, please be aware that some of the rites use materials presented in rites preceding it. If you plan to reorder your ceremonies, be sure to take this into consideration and
jot down necessary adjustments. For example, if you experience a wonderful rainstorm
or thunderstorm early in the sequence of days, you may wish to take advantage of the
weather and work the Rite of Rain or the Rite of Thunder.


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