Mulengro is the name of an entity that is like an alien barb; one that has become an out-of-control arrow that pierces generation upon generation with its poison.

It feeds on its own likeness, and people are its host.

Mulengro could be considered to be like the Qliphoth of Qabbalah and the devil that Christianity invented in the Middle Ages to ensure obedience to its dogma.

Certain regimes utilize Mulengro’s force as a tool of manipulation.

In Machiavelli’s work of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, he outlines the strategy (in his infamous book The Prince) of getting and keeping political power over a people based on the principle of divide and conquer.

I cite Machiavelli as he is synonymous with Mulengro, and his tools of manipulation are still taught today.

Mulengro denies the individual the right to be an individual and assures that its victims remain emotionally crippled.

Mulengro is passed on like a virus through the perpetuation of the seven attributes of greed, envy, guilt, deceit, denial, expectation, and assumption. The only way of ridding the psyche and the spirit of the virus is to abruptly and completely stop hosting it!

Do not allow others to perpetuate any of the these seven faces of Mulengro on you, and do not use them to abort the truth, no matter what the seeming advantage.

These faces (behind each of them are the other six) are all vices of disrespect.

How are you to know what is really true or false when Mulengro clouds your vision?

It is like a voracious weed seeking to smother a mother forest.