White witchcraft is essentially the process of drawing on ancient wisdom and powers via the
collective mind that we as individuals can spontaneously but unconsciously access in our dreams and
visions. In magick, we can use rituals and altered states of consciousness to access this cosmic
memory bank at will and in doing so, some believe, draw on the accumulated powers of many
generations, especially in healing magick.

This cosmic consciousness – or Great Mind or akashic record, as theosophists call it – is perhaps what
made it possible for pyramids to be built at almost the same time in lands as far apart as Egypt and
South America, and for shamanism to follow similar patterns in unconnected continents. By accessing
this source of power, we may create a ritual or use certain crystals without consciously knowing their
significance, only to find out that our invented spell closely resembles one from another time or
culture; we know how to heal without being taught.

Gaining such knowledge has been described as ‘inner-plane’ teaching and if you can trust your own
deep intuitions, you need very little formal teaching about magick. If you scry at the full moon or
during one of the ancient festivals, by looking into water and letting images form, this deep wisdom
will offer solutions to seemingly impossible dilemmas.

The practice of witchcraft demands great responsibility, for you are handling very potent material
when you deal with magick. The benefit is that by focusing and directing your own inner powers and
natural energies you can give form to your thoughts and needs and desires and bring them into
actuality. The more positive and altruistic these focuses are, the more abundance, joy and harmony
will be reflected in your own world.

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