Journaling Framework Ritual

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Using magical ritual is a way of setting an action or
sequence apart from the everyday world. Repeating a
certain sequence of actions also allows you to become very
familiar with what comes next in the sequence. In the case
of this framework, it trains your mind to quickly slip into
the calm headspace that is ideal for reflective journaling.
This framework is designed to allow you to slip into the
optimal frame of mind for the several journaling exercises
throughout the book. Why not brew a cup of tea to go
along with it, or pour yourself something refreshing?
This framework calls for a candle and incense of your
choice, preferably in colors and scents you associate with
peace and clarity. Use the same candle and incense for
your self-care journaling session each time. The familiar
setting will act as a trigger to help you reach a relaxed,
self-reflective state more easily every time. You could use a
meditation incense here as well (see Chapter 5).
What You Need:
♦ Your journaling candle in a candleholder (see earlier in
this chapter)
♦ Your journaling incense and a censer (see earlier in this
♦ Matches or lighter
♦ Your magical self-care journal and pen (see earlier in
this chapter)
What to Do:
1. Center and ground.
2. Light the candle and incense, saying, “Peace surround
me; I am present in the moment.”
3. Sit in a relaxed way, eyes closed, and let yourself be in
the moment for a minute or so. Then open your eyes,
open your notebook, and journal whatever you intend to
4. When you are done, close the book and say, “I thank the
universe for my many opportunities to reflect and
explore my spirit. May I always be blessed.”
♦ Try playing the same album or playlist of relaxed,
meditative music while you journal, to further create the
self-care atmosphere.