Isis Magic: Cultivating a Relationship with the Goddess of 10,000 Names by M. Isidora Forrest

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Take an experiential journey into the magical religion of one of the most well-loved goddesses of all time. Divine Mother, Mistress of Magic, Goddess of the Green Earth, Queen of the Mysteries, Goddess of Women and Sacred Sexuality, Lady of Hermetic Wisdom . . . “Isis Magic” begins with a fascinating history of this many-aspected Lady of the Ten Thousand Names. Then apply this information to a four-part initiatory journey through the “House of Isis” as you become Her Votary, Her Handmaiden or Servant, her Magician, and Her Prophetess or Prophet.  Through a series of exercises, meditations, and fully scripted rituals, you will be touched by the Heart of Isis and cultivate your relationship with this powerful, magical, and living Goddess.
On a spiritual level, this process fosters spiritual growth and personal transformation. On a practical level, you will increase your magical and Priest/esscraft skills as you learn Isiac ways of healing, celebrating the seasons, honoring life passages, practicing divination, and more.
Enter this four-part initiatory journey, and . . .
• Learn how to “Open the Ways” to Isis
• Powerfully connect with Her through special invocations, meditations, and prayers
• Celebrate the seasonal rites in honor of the Isis of Nature
• Express and heal deep sorrows through ritual
• Learn what modern Priestesses and Priests have to say about their relationship with
“Isis Magic” is complete, well researched, and deeply experiential. It is the perfect resource for the individual seeker, to inspire your circle or coven, or as a program of personal development for those called by Isis to be her Priestesses and Priests.