A Six-Incense Ritual For Love

Six is the number of Venus in her morning star aspect of love. You can use this incense ritual for attracting
love, for deepening a relationship, consummating it or strengthening it during a difficult period,
perhaps when everything appears to have got into a rut. You can alter the focus of the ritual by
varying the number and type of each fragrance you use, for example whether your primary concern is
to increase trust, passion or encourage fidelity .
This ritual is best carried out early in the moon cycle, any time from when you can see the crescent in
the sky.
In the ritual, I refer to a pentagram, a magical symbol that can be used for attracting energies or
closing them down in ritual magick. Its uses can be varied according to the way it is drawn. However,
in this ritual, it is the shape that is important, so just imagine the shape as illustrated overleaf, with its
single point at the top. Arrange five of your incense sticks as though on the points of this invisible
pentagram and put the sixth in the centre as the combination and synthesis of the different powers.
First, gather together the tools you will need.
* A candle of the appropriate colour for the type of love you wish to focus on: pink for new love,
green for increasing commitment and faithful love, or red for passion and the consummation of love.
* A gold or silver ring or, if you prefer, one made of copper, Venus’s own metal.
* A small white cushion or piece of white cloth.
* Six incense sticks of appropriate fragrances and separate
in wealth and in dearth, may nothing destroy.
* Beginning at the single (top) point of your invisible pentagram, light your first incense, saying:
I light this incense
to bring love into my life
and the one who is right for me.
* Moving deosil, light and place the second incense on the next point of the invisible pentagram,
I light this incense that I may give love where it will bring joy and bear fruit.
* Continuing deosil, light and place the third incense at the next invisible point, saying:
I light this incense for the increase of that love and for mutual fidelity and respect.
* Light and place the fourth incense, saying:
I light this incense for the marriages of mind and soul as well as body, in a union that is beyond any
legal bonds.
* Light and place the fifth incense, saying:
I light this incense that love will always be willingly given and received and never become possessive
or manipulative.
* Light and place your final incense to the East of the ring, saying:
I light this incense that love will be compassionate, ever supportive, accepting of frailties and based
on love of the real person, not worshipping the ideal of loving, nor demanding the perfect lover.
You can adapt the pledges according to the focus you give the ritual and even rewrite them entirely to
express your purpose.
* Take the ring and pass it through the six incenses in turn, saying for each ring of faith:
Love I pledge, truth I offer, care and kindliness. Ring of promise, love I ask, truth I seek, into eternity
if right may it be.
* Return the ring to the centre, and bind it with six loose knots of ivy or ribbon, saying:
Do not bind,
join heart and mind,
Hold safe we two,
till life is through,
Love without end,
my dearest friend.
I call you – [name the person, or say ‘love unknown’].
Again you can adapt the words. A pledge of fidelity is actually a very potent way of attracting a new
lover – perhaps someone who works close to you whom you have not thought of in a romantic way.
* Let the candle and incense burn through and then collect the incense ash in a pot or jar with a lid.
* Sleep with the ring and ivy next to your bed on the cushion and in the daytime surround it with
white flowers.
* When you have time, take the ash to the top of a hill or any windy place and scatter it to the four
winds, saying:
Go Free In Love And Return In Joy.
You can carry out the spell on a larger scale by placing the ring, the candle and one large incense stick
on your altar in the centre of the invisible pentagram. Place the other large incense sticks on small
tables, chairs or blocks at the other points and work within the pentagram. You could even use garden
incense and carry out the ritual in a sheltered spot out of doors, maybe even picking your ivy and
white flowers during the ritual.