Hedgewitch: The Magickal Garden of Your Mind

Deep in the forest glen of your mind, where the shadows never quite release the
world, sits the ancient establishment of the HedgeWitch Academy. A learning center for
young and old alike, this edifice of enchanted scholarship welcomes anyone truly magickal at
heart who desires to improve the quality of their being. Here, students harmonize with the
world of nature, learn powerful potions for self-improvement, and brew within themselves”
the enigma of t~e treasures of earth, water, and sky. For years, the outside world saw only a
glimpse of thes~ natural empowerment tools-an awareness that has always undulated in the
secret world of Witchcraft. Indeed, the workings of the Hedge Witch through various cultures
and thousands of years have become legend … and with these easy lessons, formulas, magickal
tips, and the inspiring dedication ceremony provided here, you can be one, too!
Relax, take a deep breath, and smile. Success begins with joy!