Hair represents strength and energy.

Early Christians shaved their heads to show their devotion to the religion.

In some cultures, it is seen as an act of purity to have all body hair removed before marriage.

In the Middle Ages, cutting a person’s hair had symbolic value judicially and was done to dishonour the lawbreaker.

In cultures where magick was practised, a person’s shorn hair could signify the actual person and could be used accordingly.

Even hair colour was considered. In the Middle Ages, blonde hair was considered good or heavenly, and red hair was a sign of evil or Witchcraft.

Modern practitioners of Witchcraft still use hair to link a person to a spell.

It is believed that if you have a person’s hair, you have a part of them and that what you do with or to the hair will then affect the person directly.

Hair is often used in healing rituals and binding spells.