Gypsy is based on the word Egyptian and refers to Little Egypt or lesser Egypt. The people who came from this area on the outskirts of Egypt were highly skilled in natural magick and were especially gifted in their ability to divine the future. A cast of turbulent wanderers, the Gypsies travelled through Europe during the Middle Ages.

By the early 16th century, the Gypsies had spread across Europe. They were extremely clannish and did not marry or socialize outside of their bloodline. They lived, travelled, and worked in family groups called cumpanias.

The Gypsies were vagabonds, travelling in ornate horsedrawn wagons or caravans know as vardos. Living off the land, the Gypsies subsisted off their magickal and divinatory talents.

Famous for their powerful love potions, protection charms, and psychic abilities, the Gypsies were often the targets of Christian persecution.

Even though the Gypsies all but disappeared, their legacy of magick survived. Today, through historical and magickal text, it is possible to learn about the Gypsies’ way of life, and legendary magickal ways.