The Magick Of Flowers

Anemone: Healing and protection.

Aster: Love, patience, healing, variety, peace.

Baby’s Breath: Innocence, happiness, love, pureness of heart. Peace and unity.

Bachelor’s Button: Celibacy, attracting love.

Birds of Paradise: Increases spiritual awareness and intuition, boosts metaphysical abilities. Intuition, insight, and protection.

Bleeding Hearts: Love, positivity, divination.

Bluebell: Strength, luck, constancy, truth, attracts faeries.

Buttercup: Happiness, love, prosperity, healing.

Cactus: Chastity, protection, strength, and banishing.

Camellia: Prosperity and gratitude. Brings riches and luxury.

Carnation: Protection, strength, and healing. Enhances magickal powers, balance, creativity, and energy.

Cherry Blossom: Femininity, love, strength.

Chrysanthemum: Protection, mental health, and warding off evil spirits.

Crocus: Love and visions.

Cyclamen: Fertility, protection, happiness and lust.

Daffodil: Love, fertility, and luck. Keeps negative energy away.

Dahlia: Dignity, elegance, and positivity.

Daisy: Luck, love, innocence, purity, faith and lust.

Foxglove: Protection, vision, and immortality. Attracts faeries and assists with communication between worlds.

Gardenia: Love, peace, healing and spirituality. Promotes peace, repels strife, and protects from outside influences. Attracts love and friendship.

Geranium: Fertility, health, love and protection. Helps to overcome negative thoughts & attitudes. Lifts spirits and balances mind and body.

Gladiolus: Strength, faithfulness, and healing. Attracts love.

Goldenrod: Money and divination.

Heather: Protection, luck, immortality. Brings rain and increases physical beauty. Protects against violent crimes.

Hibiscus: Attracts love, lust divination, and dreams.

Honeysuckle: Money, love, protection, and binding. Assists psychic and mental powers. Draws money, success, and quick abundance. Aids persuasiveness and confidence and sharpens intuition.

Hyacinth: Love, happiness, and protection. Promotes peace of mind and peaceful sleep. Attracts love, luck, and good fortune. Guards against nightmares.

Hydrangea: Fidelity, binding, and hex-breaking. Draws love and brings back a lover.

Iris: Attracts wisdom, courage, hope, and faith. Good for purification, blessings, and consecrations.

Jasmine: Love, sensuality, divination, meditation, sleep, and prophetic dreams. Draws spiritual love and attracts a soul mate. Draw wealth and money. Promotes new, innovative ideas.

Lady’s Slipper: Protection against hexes, curses and the evil eye.

Lavender: Love, protection, sleep, longevity, purification, happiness, peace. Helps to heal from depression. Attracts love and harmony. When used with rosemary, can represent chastity.

Lilac: Exorcism, banishing, and protection. Wisdom, memory, good luck and spiritual aid. Attracts beauty and love.

Lily: Fertility, renewal, rebirth, marriage, happiness, purity, protection, and prosperity. Breaks love spells.

Lily of the Valley: Soothes, calms, draws peace and tranquility, and repels negativity. Assists in empowering happiness and mental powers. Use in magickal workings to stop harassment.

Lotus: Lock opening and protection. Love, psychic opening, and spiritual growth. Aids in psychic abilities and meditation.

Magnolia: Love, fidelity, health, beauty, loyalty, and peace. Calms anxieties, promotes marital harmony, and assists in overcoming addictions & obsessive behavior.

Marigold: Draws respect and luck in legal matters. Protects and promotes prophetic dreams, psychic powers, passion, and creativity. Attracts love, possibly a soulmate, and enhances relationships.

Morning Glory: Binding, banishing, and promoting attraction or affection.

Orchid: Concentration, focus, love, and will power. Strengthens memory.

Pansy: Love, divination related to love and relationships, and rain magick.

Peony: Protection from hexes and jinxes, banishing, and exorcism. Brings good luck, good fortune, prosperity, and business success. Attracts faeries and promotes happy marriage.

Poinsettia: Represents purity, celebration, and Christmas.

Poppy: Fertility, money, love, luck, sleep, invisibility, and abundance.

Rhododendron: Peace and strength.

Rose: Love, healing, luck, and protection. Aids psychic powers and divination. Promotes close friendships, domestic peace/happiness, and lasting relationships.

Snapdragon: Protection, exorcism, and purification.

Sunflower: Energy, protection, power, wisdom, and wishes; fertility, health, and money magick.

Sweet Pea: Friendship, courage, strength. Attracts friends and draws the loyalty and affection of others.

Tulip: Love, prosperity, happiness, dreams, and protection.

Violet: Love, lust, wishes, luck, healing, peace, and sleep. Calms the nerves, draws prophetic dreams and visions, stimulates creativity, and promotes peace and tranquility. Protection from all evil.

Wisteria: Raises vibrations and promotes psychic opening. Helps to overcome obstacles and draws prosperity.

Yarrow: Courage, love, protection, and healing. Aids divination and psychic powers. Draws love, banishes negativity, wards off fear, and promotes courage, confidence, and psychic opening. Brings happy marriage and strengthens relationships.

Ylang Ylang: Increases sexual attraction and persuasiveness. Draws peace and love. Aids faerie magick. Promotes calm, peaceful relaxation and relieves anxiety and depression.

Zinnia: Love, lust, strength, and affection.