Items needed: Clear glass bowl, a one-liter bottle of
spring water, silver paint, sprig of jasmine, moonstone, two white altar candles, gardenia incense and
oil, small paint brush, and usual altar tools.
Use the silver paint to inscribe the following symbol on
the outside bottom of the bowl:

Set your altar so the light of the full moon shines directly
on it. Fill the bowl with the spring water. Place the bowl and
all the other items called for on the altar. Cast your magick
circle and then light the altar candles, saying:
Lady I now invite thee here
As the mother of sacred Earth,
Whose power is beyond compare
When dreams are given birth.
Hold the moonstone and sprig of jasmine in offering as
you ask this blessing:
Lady of desire, reflection of light
You are my motion, direction, and second sight.
Mother of creation, the original source,
You are potential, power, the ultimate force.
Grandmother of time, wise one from above,
I summon thee here with honor and love.

Gently place the moonstone and sprig of jasmine in the
water. Pick up the bowl and hold it in offering as you say:
I call the brilliant evening star,
The virgin of celestial light.
The gracious goddess from afar,
Great mother of second sight.
Glorious queen of the twilight hour
Wise and vigilant protector,
Thou whose silent power
Is regal and most splendor.
I beckon thee to now descend
Great mystery behind the veil
She who rises time and again
The keeper of the grail.
Set the bowl down. Anoint your forehead with a drop of
the water. Extinguish the candles, take up the circle, and
carefully place the bowl in a window where the moon will
continue to shine on it. Just before sunrise, remove the
jasmine and stone. Pour the contents of the bowl into a bottle
with a lid, and close tightly. Keep the moonstone with your
other magickal tools. Take the jasmine to the nearest river or
lake, toss it in the water as you make a wish. Use the moon
water to bless and consecrate your circle, or in place of oil to
anoint candles and other magickal objects.

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