A Smoke and Fire Love Spell

One sheet of white parchment paper, love drawing incense (mix together 2 tbsp. each of sandalwood, lavender buds, orris root powder. To the powdered mixture add six drops rose oil and one drop cherry oil), church charcoal and censer, one red and one green candle, basic altar tools.

Try to time this spell with the turning of the moon from new to full. Before doing the ritual, draw the following symbols on the parchment paper. Place the paper on your altar and set the green candle on the Venus symbol and the red candle on the Mars symbol

Begin the ritual by casting the magick circle. Then light the green (Venus) candle as you say:

Lady of love, I appeal to thee.
Light the red (Mars) candle as you say:
Lord of lust, bring him [her] to me.

Light the charcoal. When the coal begins to glow, sprinkle the love-drawing incense on it. Stare into the smoke, visualize the one you desire, and chant the following three times in your most sultry, sexy voice:

The gods of love mine eyes dost kiss
And rise into ether, gather in mist

Then return to Earth, and my love impart A passion so great as to inflame his [her] heart.
The incense smoke will carry the message to the one you desire, imbuing them with love and desire only for you.