The Grass Fairy

Many animals rely on the grass fairy to nurture better grass and grains for their feed. He works with a squad of other Fairies bringing sweet briar and elderflowers for the ground to nourish the grass. In the winter he helps wood elves and tree Fairies to dust trees so that new growth will be fresh and clean in the spring.

Meaning of card

The grass fairy says ” You are aware of a need to move on in life, but you don’t know-how. So feel the power that is inside you awaken your senses and stir your values. ” Ask it “Are you ready to bring forward my new power?” And then you will be able to feel the stirrings begin. It will tell you clearly what you need to know.

Although you have self – awareness you may be holding back at times because of your indecision and that cannot do any good. Ask yourself ” Am I ready to move on?” And you will find that the answer is YES as you move forward you will feel a great wisdom and power to do right in your life. And that will do you good, for you will then accumulate the power to do what is good within your life.