Deity – Life and Death

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Life is the force that moves the dead Earth and all things that exist.

Death is the force that stops all things that move the living Earth and all things that do not yet exist.

All things live and all things die and nothing can live without dying and nothing can overcome anything else in lasting as the deity lasts.

As you treat the dead, so too the deity will force you to live through what they have lived through.

In life,

there is a death of the things you do not know, and in death,

there is a life of the things you do not know.

Neither life nor death can exist without the other

. The balance cannot tip too far to the right or the left.

The balance of life and death creates great harmony in the universe creating the feeling of the love of the deity.

The balance creates great harmony in all things that in turn creates satisfaction.

This is the meaning of Life and Death,

to know the fullness of the soul,

harmony, and balance,

the force of equality on a scale.