The deity is one with everything, nothing exists without their spirit in it. The deity exists within you just as they exist within every human and animal, plant, insect, and object that can be touched or held or observed. When you suffer it just so happens that so does the deity. They experience everything you experience because they are inside of you, and because of this, you are never alone. All the people on this earth have named the deity as a mother or a father, male or female, or both. Some say that they don’t exist and that’s fine also. Just as the deity is all the greatness in the world, they are also all of the darkness in the world. The deity allows war to happen, and sickness, and hate. They do not separate themselves from the darkness in this life. They create defeat, anger, pain, vengeance, and all the things that come with destruction. This is true because the deity is a reflection of all living things. If sickness and vengeance and all other things exist within each living thing, then surely the deities experience it also. Why they created this is a whole other matter. Surely, though, the reason may be that it is created to bring balance which brings peace into our lives.  People will often have what they refer to as trouble with their faith in Paganism. It may be impossible for there to be such thing as a problem with their faith,

This feeling could be boiled down to two things. One is that its negative energy that’s messing up the view of your soul. The second thing is this may be is a calling to another faith. It is possible that there is no such thing as having the wrong faith. You may have bad morals according to some opinion or another, but you will never have the wrong faith or lack of faith. If it means you decide to turn Atheist, or Christian, or Muslim, then that’s just what the deity wants you to go through so that the plans they have for you in this world can come out and form. No matter what the deity has in store, it is perfectly normal and alright to have a path outside of Paganism, and no Pagan should ever belittle you for it. Most Pagan will have the seed of understanding attached directly into the deity and everything is always good in their eyes no matter what the situation holds. Hold firm to the deity and life will work itself out the way it is supposed to work itself out. The deity speaks to each person differently and no one person is the same nor are they meant to be the same. Each person has their life to live which is separate from everyone else on the planet.