I Acknowledge the Unity of the Divine, symbolized by the Divine Androgyne, aspected as fe­ male and male, Goddess and God, form and energy, lunar and solar powers, honored during the Wheel of the Year at Esbats, Sabbats, and sacred days.

I Acknowledge the immanence of the Divine, whose Spirit resides in all things and worlds creating a unity of All in Oneness and kinship through the Goddess and the God.

I Acknowledge that the Elementals Earth, Air, Fire, and Water are extensions of the Goddess and the God, both external and indwelling kith and kin, connecting all through Spirit.

I Acknowledge the immortality of the individual spirit, comforted by the God in Underworld, re­freshed by the Goddess in Summerland, choosing incarnation by form, place, and soul purpose.

I Acknowledge that the God lovingly demonstrates the life cycle in His yearly passage through the Sabbats. He is born as the Oak King of the Goddess as Mother at Yule; cleansed and carried by the Crone into the arms of the Mother at Imbolc to be nourished by the milk of Her love. At Ostara, the Goddess transforms as Maiden and joins the God that They may walk as the Lady and the Lord ofthe Wild Wood to awaken the Earth from the sleep of herself and Crone of Winter.

The God and Goddess unite at Beltane to bring renewal to the Earth, and at their Lithe. wedding, the God shows His face of wisdom and age, turning from Oak King to Holly King as He begets Himself of the Goddess. At Lughnassadh, the God enters into the Goddess aspected as Mother Earth, filling Her abundance with the life essence of His solar energy. He enriches the vines and barley, corn with the essence of His Spirit at Mabon.

He enters into Underworld. leaving the Goddess alone as Mother-to-be and Crone through Autumn and Winter, while He leads the Wild Hunt as the Horned Hunter, gathering the dead to His realm. He rules Under­ world as the Lord of Shadows, where He offers rest, solace, and release of burdens to spirits at the end of each incarnation. At Samhain, the God passes His Spirit through the Goddess, making thin the veil between the worlds by their union of shadow and light, turning the Tomb the Crone into the Womb of the Mother.

At Yule the God as Sage offers His blessing and farewell to the children of the world, then turns His face to join them as the Infant Oak King reborn. Through the Wheel of the Year is the path of perfect love and perfect trust in the Di­vine demonstrated, that we may walk with the Goddess and the God in the bond of love.

I Acknowledge the three great Mysteries: the Ancient God as Father and Son; the Maiden Goddess as Mother and Crone; and the Union of Tomb and Womb for the eternal cycle of life Immortal.