Items Needed.

Three-strand of blue cord.

A Compass.

The calling or raising of the wind is can be seen as a very outdated magickal process, initially used when the wind was vital for cruising.

Witches were reputed to harness the power of the wind in a knotted cord, and then promote it to sailors.

When untied, the first knot would bring a gentle breeze.

The second would bring strong wind, and the third a gale. Modern Witches use the knot spell to for inspiration and creativity.

To harness the power of the wind you will need a strand of blue cord and a compass.

Go to the highest hilltop you can find. Face the East.

Take a number of deep, cleansing breaths.

Maintain the cord above your head.

When the wind begins to blow, tie the first knot, as you say the following,

I knot the wind, The wind of desire, I knot the wind, The wind that shall inspire.

Repeat the above conjuration as you tie the second and third knots.

Take just a few moments to really feel the cleaning energy of the wind.

Ask the wind to free you from all adverse ideas and vibrations.

Take your cord and hang it above your desk or workspace.

Whenever you really feel the need for inspiration, untie the first knot and say the following,

I free the wind The wind of desire I free the wind My mind to inspire.