You can create magick in all kinds of ways and you can use it for an almost infinite variety of purposes.

Your magick can be solitary or group-based, self-centered, or entirely altruistic.

It can be personal and informal, or it may be framed in a rigid ceremony.

But whatever kind of magick you wish to practice, you will need to create a special place to work in, a personal area at home for your private healing and personal development work.


When you were a child, you probably had a special place, perhaps a treehouse, a den under a table with a curtain draped over it, or a corner of the garden hidden by bushes that only you and chosen friends visited; in this place, you wove your dreams and played with your treasures.

This magickal place is just such a special place, an extension of and, in a sense, a return to that time of enchantment, for you are once again making an area separate from the everyday world, where you can set up your special artifacts.

But it will also be very different from your childhood place because as an adult you can learn to control and direct the energies that then ran free and unstructured.

Your imaginings can be refined as visualizations, your daydreams as altered states of consciousness; you can make wishes and dreams come true, not just in faerie land but in the here and now.

If you have sufficient space, you may set aside a room, perhaps a conservatory, attic or basement, or a sheltered spot in the garden for your special magical place.

Alternatively, you may need to use a corner of your bedroom or draw a velvet curtain across an area of a room where you can be quiet and private.