Allspice Allspice is used in spells for money, strength and action. Apple Blossom Use apple blossom for love, fertility, optimism, inner beauty and youthfulness. It is particularly good in rituals concerning babies and children. Avocado Use avocado incense for desire, increase of beauty in oneself or the environment. Basil Basil is used in rituals for fidelity and prosperity. Bay Use bay for healing, prosperity, protection and marriage. Benzoin Benzoin is used in rituals for money; it increases mental powers and concentration. Bluebell Bluebell is used for faithfulness in love and betrothals. Carnation Carnation is used for strength, healing and family devotion. Cedar/cedarwood Cedar and Cedarwood are best for healing and cleansing redundant influences and negative thoughts. Chamomile Like its herbal counterpart, Chamomile incense brings money, quiet sleep and affection, and is used in spells to do with all matters of the family. Cinnamon Cinnamon is for spirituality, success, healing, psychic powers, money, love and passion. Cherry Cherry brings new love and divinatory abilities. Cloves Cloves are used in spells for love and money; they repel hostility and improve memory. Copal Use copal for protection and purification; it is especially good for cleansing crystals. Cypress Cypress is for times of transition to a new phase, letting go of sorrow. Dragon’s blood Dragon’s blood is used for love and protection, passion and male potency. Fern An initiator of change, travel and fertility, fern will also bring hidden wealth, maybe in terms of potential. Fig Use fig for wisdom, creativity and creation, fertility, harmony and balance. Frankincense Use frankincense for courage, joy, strength and success. Freesia Freesia increases trust, especially after loss or betrayal; it also brings belief in a better tomorrow. Gum arabic (acacia) Use gum arabic in rituals for dreams, meditation, psychic protection and development. Heather Heather is used for passion, fidelity in love and good fortune; it maximises opportunities and is particularly effective in weather magick, especially rain-making. Honeysuckle Honeysuckle is used for money, psychic powers and protection. Hyacinth Hyacinth assists in overcoming opposition in love; it brings happiness and desire for reconciliation. Hyssop Hyssop is used for making a love commitment, for healing and all forms of protection, especially from psychic attack. Ivy Ivy is effective for fidelity, married love, permanent relationships and constancy. Jasmine Jasmine is used in Moon magick and prophetic dreams. It brings sensuality, money and passion. Juniper Use juniper for protection from psychic attacks and physical theft; for cleansing, healing and house moves. Lavender Lavender is particularly good for love and reconciliation, Lemon/lemongrass Both repel spite, protect against malice and gossip; they bring passion and increase psychic awareness and are good for those who travel. Lemon verbena Lemon verbena will break a run of bad luck; it brings love and protection against negativity. Lilac Use lilac for all domestic matters, acceptance of the frailty of self and others, and to ease nostalgia; lilac cleanses negativity. Lily Lily is for purity and breaking negative influences in love; it is frequently used in Mother Goddess magick. Lily of the valley Lily of the valley increases mental abilities, brings happiness and restores joy. Marigold Marigold is used for dreams and guarding against infidelity. It is effective in rituals concerning legal matters, luck and money. Mimosa Use mimosa for protection, love, prophetic dreams and purification. Mistletoe Known to the Druids as the all-healer, mistletoe is for healing sorrows, overcoming injustice and finding what is lost. It is also good for male potency. Moss Moss is used for good fortune, prosperity, money and permanence, whether in work or relationships. It frequently appears in water magick and divination (use with candles on water). Myrrh Myrrh is good for healing, peace, protection and inner harmony. Myrtle Sometimes mixed with other fragrances, myrtle is used in spells concerning fidelity in love, marriage and mature love. It may also be used in matters of property and security. Nutmeg Use nutmeg for fertility and healing, especially of the environment; it will also bring a gradual increase of wealth. Orange Blossom Beneficial for marriage and permanent relationships, use orange blossom also for restoring trust and increasing confidence and hope. Pine Use pine for healing, fertility, purification, protection and money; it also returns hostility to the sender. Poppy/opium Poppy may be used for divination, fertility and making oneself less visible in danger; it also brings luck and sleep. Rose Rose is for gentle love, attraction, dreams of love and reconciliation. Rosemary Rosemary is used for love and happy memories; it also improves memory and concentration. Sage Use sage in rituals for health, enhanced mental powers and wisdom. Sandalwood Sandalwood is effective for spiritual and psychic awareness and healing; use it also in matters of sexuality. Strawberry Use strawberry for innocent love, friendship and happiness. Tamarind Tamarind is for love, especially new love, and the rebuilding of trust. Thyme Thyme is used in rituals for courage, divination, health, love, money and purification. Vanilla Vanilla brings passion and enduring love; it also increases mental powers. Vetivert Use vetivert for love. It can also break a run of bad luck and bring money. It is protective against theft and all kinds of negativity. Violet Use violet for secrecy, modesty and uncovering hidden tale